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Community Data Initiative

Bringing the community together

Community Data Initiative: 

One way citizens can become connected and inspired to create a better community is by orienting around data. Since its beginnings in 2001, SCOPE has devoted itself to bringing the community of Sarasota County together around data through:

Through these efforts, people who live and work throughout Sarasota County have joined together to clarify and reflect upon local, present-day realities.  In these ways, the community has been able to better identify next steps and take action for positive change. 

In 2010, SCOPE conducted a review of local community data efforts conducted over the past decade and generated a data resource known as the Community Indicators “Deck of Cards,” which combined trend-line and GIS mapped data for a subset of indicators across the various domains of community well-being.  It also initiated a community “rebooting” process in order to clarify community indicators that matter most to people in Sarasota County, and to facilitate the formation and development of a Community Data Collaborative. 

Over the course of 2011 and 2012, SCOPE facilitated a series of six workshops throughout Sarasota County. The purpose of these workshops was to increase awareness of local community data resources, gather the perspectives of people who live and work throughout Sarasota County, and increase the involvement of local citizens in the Community Data Collaborative. 

Happiness Matters logoHappiness Matters:

A Community Video Campaign

Happiness matters. More and more people are studying happiness both as a topic of academic inquiry and a new approach to finding solutions.

The King of Bhutan measures the GNH – Gross National Happiness – of his country, considering it to be a better picture of the well-being of his citizens than the GNP (Gross National Product). Bhutan assesses psychological well-being, community vitality, environmental quality and time balance as holistic indicators of progress. 

The Happiness Matters Community Video Campaign is a resident-led community change initiative focused on the qualities of life that residents in Sarasota County care about. We’ll be listening to the community to hear where we are thriving and what that says about the kind of community we want to live in.

How to contribute: We invite you to tell us a story about an experience in Sarasota County that made you happy. Grab your phone or video camera and tell us a story of something that made you happy here in Sarasota County in a short 60-second video. Please include your first name and tell us what neighborhood and/or city you live in.

  1. Stop by the SCOPE offices and tell your story to our video camera!
  2. To be included in the Sarasota County Community Video Gallery on SCOPE’s website, send your video to with a signed release.


Following the lead of Sarasota County residents, the local knowledge and wisdom shared through these videos highlight the qualities of life that matter and the kind of community we want to live in. We’ll be highlighting your stories at the “Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch Workshops” in August.

This mindset of looking at the whole picture of community well-being is what the SCOPE Community Data Initiative is all about. Community Data is both the expert knowledge that is collected about us and the public knowledge of what life is like here. The Sarasota County Happiness Community Video Campaign is a resident-led community change initiative

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