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Invest in your community

Taking an active role in the well being of your community is a wise investment. A healthy and connected community means a better quality of life for everyone. By teaming up with SCOPE, you are supporting an organization made up of a diverse group of people working together to strengthen our community—employees, residents, business, governments, and nonprofits!  Your gift is an investment in a healthier, stronger community.

Interested in a Corporate Partnership? Call 941-365-8751 or email [email protected]

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Corporate Partners

The SCOPE Corporate Partners Program is an annual “one-ask” partnership with local businesses that wish to support the mission of SCOPE. This is an opportunity for businesses to promote themselves to SCOPE’s constituency – a wide range of residents and leaders across the community. Call 941-365-8751 or email [email protected] for more information about specific benefits.

Our Corporate Partners