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SCOPE seeks vision for ideal community

August 2013

SCOPE held the first of three community-building "High Tech, High Touch" workshops Tuesday morning at the Robert L. Taylor community Complex in Sarasota.

Data-Driven Change Workshops

August 2013

Sarasota, FL - John McCarthy and Colleen McGue penned this editorial in the Sarasota Herald Tribune

SCOPE crossing new boundaries

October 2012

Sarasota County, FL - Roxanne Joffe, 2012-2013 Chair of the SCOPE Board of Directors penned this guest editorial that was featured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

Come Discuss Sarasota's Water-Energy Connection

November 2009

Sarasota, FL - In 2003, Nobel laureate Richard Smalley put forth his list of Humanity's Top Ten Problems for the next 50 years. Energy was No.1 and water was No.2. Therein lies the conundrum that we face, both globally and locally.

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