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About Aging with Dignity and Independence

With more than 32 percent of its residents over age 65, Sarasota County is the oldest large county in the United States, and is at the forefront of aging trends. It is a unique setting for identifying and trying out creative approaches to enhance aging.

Experiencing dignity and independence are important no matter what our age.  What happens to dignity and independence as we get older? What is the local lived-experience of older adults residing in Sarasota County?  The Aging with Dignity and Independence initiative sought to understand this. 

Led by the partnership of SCOPE, The Patterson Foundation, and the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, this qualitative study of the community involved forums, interviews, surveys and focus groups.  The research revealed six themes integral to aging with dignity and independence. The themes also present challenges and opportunities for community action:

1) Meaningful Involvement – being engaged in activities that matter to oneself and others
2) Respect & Social Inclusion – being valued and experiencing considerate interactions in community life 
3) Communication & Information - accessing timely and accurate information easily
4) Health & Well-being – developing strategies for maintaining health and coping with decline and loss
5) Aging in Place - being self-sufficient and self-reliant
6) Transportation & Mobility - accessing required goods, services and lifestyle

Within each of these areas, the research identified many opportunities for innovative community action. 

The Aging with Dignity and Independence initiative seeks to catalyze the community to develop actions that foster dignity and independence.

Read the summary report – Actionable Themes: Issues and Opportunities.  This summary is designed as a catalyst providing questions to spur creative thinking, ideas for change, and resources and best practices successful in other communities.

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