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SCOPE's mission is to connect and inspire citizens to create a better community. SCOPE provides opportunities where all citizens' voices are welcomed and heard. SCOPE brings together residents, business owners, government officials and organizations to listen, learn, and discuss issues that impact the quality of life in Sarasota County. SCOPE focuses on possibilities and the power of active citizens to create a better community. SCOPE stands for Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence.

SCOPE is at the center of citizen connection and action in Sarasota County.  Research has shown that communities whose residents are more connected have an overall better quality of life.  These communities have less crime, higher test scores in the local schools, less heart attacks and even fewer colds.  Building relationships and connectedness among people and a strong community has powerful effects.

SCOPE initiatives and products lead to community decisions and accomplishments that make a difference every day in the lives of the people in Sarasota County.  

Initiatives – SCOPE convenes the community for conversation and study around topics such as aging, race and cultural relations, affordable housing or mental health. SCOPE has designed and facilitated eight community initiatives. To learn more, click here.

Data – SCOPE is a resource for anyone to access a fact-based picture of our community through data reports like the Community Report Card and People Count. We convene data-related community summits to promote discussion among diverse groups, leading to thoughtful community action.

Neighborhoods –  Citizen-centered action occurs on many scales in a community, and SCOPE nurtures and supports active citizenship at the neighborhood level. SCOPE helps neighbors use their gifts and talents and work with others to make their neighborhood a better place. Reaching one neighbor, one neighborhood at a time makes communities strong and vibrant places to live.

SCOPE, formed in 2001, began as a community-wide process that brought the people of Sarasota County together to build a shared understanding of the qualities that make it a good place to live, work, and raise a family.

The idea for SCOPE emerged following a series of discussions among a broad-based group of Sarasota County residents concerned about the county’s future. After several informal meetings, a diverse group of community leaders came together to discuss the idea of undertaking a visioning or community goal-setting process.

A steering committee was formed, with initial support coming from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, the Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice, and the William G. Selby and Marie Selby Foundation. Now many others, including local governments, United Ways, businesses, and individuals, are also supporting SCOPE.

SCOPE ~ 1226 North Tamiami Trail, Suite 202 ~ Sarasota, FL 34236 ~ (941) 365-8751~ Fax: (941) 365-8592

Photos courtesy of Kazuaki Nagata & PolaBran Summers