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One way citizens can become connected and inspired to create a better community is by orienting around data. Since our beginnings in 2001, SCOPE has devoted itself to bringing the community of Sarasota County together around data through:

Through these efforts, Sarasotans have joined together to clarify and reflect upon local, present-day realities.  In these ways, our community has been able to better identify next steps and take action for positive change.

Over time, we have come to appreciate that there are some central questions that we need to take seriously if community data efforts are to make a real difference in the life of our community. We constantly need to be asking ourselves, as a community:

  • Are we generating and gathering data about the things we most care about as a community?
  • Are we considering various kinds of data?
  • Are we examining data at the appropriate scale?
  • Are we looking at the data at the appropriate frequency?
  • Are we connecting data about community well-being to data about intentional efforts to bring about positive community change?
  • Are we clear about who the “we” is when we ask ourselves these questions as a community?

In response to these questions, our approach to community data has been evolving. In May, 2011 we will convene the community to examine the ways we generate, gather, and exchange data in order to understand ourselves better as a community. We call this process “forming a Sarasota County data collaborative.” Read more about Community Data 2.0.

Is this something you care about too? Do you know of others who are devoting themselves to efforts along these lines? If so, please contact Allison Pinto, and check the SCOPE Blog for regular updates relating to the Community Data Initiative. 


The Sarasota County Green Map is a collaborative effort of Sarasota County Government and SCOPE, and is part of an award-winning global Green Map movement, developed to encourage environmental awareness and sustainability consciousness. The Sarasota County Green Map® is an online interactive map that provides a fun, easy way to find locally available green activities, organizations and facilities.

By highlighting “green” assets throughout the community, we hope this interactive mapping tool will raise awareness of sustainable living issues, and encourage you to explore and enjoy the sustainability resources, businesses and services available in our area.

Visit the Sarasota County Green Map, hosted on the Sarasota County Government website


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Photos courtesy of Kazuaki Nagata & PolaBran Summers