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Attendees on May 19, 2011

Community Data 2.0 Flyer
Community Indicators Full Article
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COMMUNITY DATA 2.0: A Community-Wide Rebooting

Over the past decade, people and organizations in Sarasota County have been developing a variety of approaches to collect, examine and share community data so that together we can better understand this particular area in Florida where we live and work.
On May 19, 2011 the community convened for Community Data 2.0:  A Community-Wide Rebooting – joining together to draw upon all that has been learned so far, to incorporate the latest methods and technologies, and to start fresh once again, in light of present-day realities.  See links to the left for resources relating to the Community Data 2.0 efforts.

To support the Community Data 2.0 efforts, a 2010 Update of community indicators was created.  This update includes data on a subset of indicators that were part of past Community Report Cards, People Count Reports, and Community Study Reports.  Please double-click on the indicators listed below to access the updated data.

Total population
Age – 65 years & older
Age – Under 18 years
Race / Ethnicity:  Black / African American
Race / Ethnicity:  White
Race / Ethnicity:  Hispanic / Latino

Civic Well-Being:
Voter Registration
Newspaper Circulation

Culture & Recreation:
Public Library Visits
Recreational Boating

Economic Well-Being:
Tourist Spending
Income Below Poverty Level

Low Birth Weight
Infant Mortality
Eating Fruits & Vegetables

School Stability High School
School Stability K-12
10th Grade Reading Achievement
High School Absenteeism
High School Graduation

Natural Environment:
Connectivity of Local Protected Lands
Fresh Water Consumption
Active Bald Eagle Nests

Built Environment:
Housing Stock
Home Occupancy
Residential Permits Issued

Social Well-Being:
Domestic Violence
Violent Crime

Motor Vehicle Usage
Public Transportation
Traffic Crash Fatalities

For further information about Community Data 2.0 or the SCOPE Community Data Initiative, please contact Dr. Allison Pinto at [email protected]


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Photos courtesy of Kazuaki Nagata & PolaBran Summers