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Past Study Group Reports

Here are some links to past Study Group Reports that SCOPE has worked on with residents of Sarasota County:

Re-energizing Our Local Economy (ROLE)
Summary Report & Follow-up Report (2008)

Race & Cultural Relations
Final Report (2008)

Community Change: Redevelopment & Infill
Final Report & Documentary Film(2004)

Family Violence 
Final Report & Documentary Film (2004)

Mental Health
Final Report & Documentary Film (2003)

School Dropout 
Final Report & Documentary Film (2003)

Affordable Housing 
Final Report (2002)

Traffic Flow & Congestion 
Final Report (2002)

Domain Specific Convenings:

Summit for Environmental Action (SEA)
Findings & Next Steps ReportJune Implementation ReportSeptember Implementation Report,November Implementation Report, (2008) January Implementation ReportJuly Update (2009)
For reports written by each committee, visit the SEA Implementation page

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