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The Institute will drive the creation of new jobs, money invested in our communities, development of age-specific products and innovations, and public policy recommendations on aging issues.    

The Institute will entice a young workforce looking for creative employment in a growing industry as well as tapping the experience of our older residents.

FAQ (Coming Soon)
  • How did the Institute idea happen?
  • What were the primary motivations for the Institute?
  • How were plans developed?
  • Who will run the Institute?
  • Who will do the work?
  • What’s the mission?
  • What will be done at the Institute?
  • How will the Institute be funded?
  • What are the benefits for Sarasota County?
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Community Support

The Institute has broad support throughout the community. Read what others have to say:

“There is no more appropriate effort in which to place our support than this exciting platform to maximize the demographics of our community and ultimately benefit all of us as we age.” 
 - Michael Dattoli, MD, founder and physician-in-chief, Dattoli Cancer Center and Brachytherapy Research Institute

"Establishing a truly International Center compliments our educational institutions, supports our housing market, our quality of life amenities of the arts, entertainment, and fine dining, as well as utilization of our International airport that has customs and a runway that can accommodate International air service."
-Kerry Kirschner, Executive Director of Argus Foundation

Read our Interview with Kerry

"SunTrust is proud to provide support for the development phase of the Institute for the Ages. Our nation is experiencing a significant shift in age demographics, and our community is in a unique position to respond positively to those changes and to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this change in dynamics. With 30% of our population age 65 or older, Sarasota County is the oldest large county in the nation.  The Institute for the Ages will focus on the identification and creation of bold new actions to enhance economic and societal life based on the aging of the U.S. population.”
Margaret Callihan, CEO of SunTrust

“The development of the Institute for the Ages can bring us together and unify us to really build something not only for today but for years to come.”
- CJ Fishman, Chair, Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County

Read our Interview with CJ

Donate & Contact
Contact Suzanne Gregory at (941) 365-8751 for more information or to schedule a presentation.

Interested in showing your support? Join the growing family of donors who have contributed over $177,000 for the development and launch of the Institute.


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Photos courtesy of Kazuaki Nagata & PolaBran Summers