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How can our community improve the quality of life and further the creation of a “sense of place” for existing developed areas within Sarasota County in a manner that fulfills the vision of neighborhoods and the vision of the greater community? In this global age, we can connect to just about anywhere electronically. Yet the desire to live and work in a place with identity and connection is still important. Approximately 89.9% of the population of Sarasota County lives in the developed areas within the Urban Service Boundary. These neighborhoods, commercial areas and communities are in various stages of lifecycle. Redevelopment and infill occur daily as shaped by market forces, regulatory parameters and planning. Determining the best ways to work together as a community to create meaningful redevelopment and infill is at the heart of this study report.
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“I believe the report had a relatively significant effect.    The SCOPE report had a lot to do with raising the awareness of both citizens and developers on the importance of redevelopment.”
 - Consultant

“As a result of the participation of several key city and county leaders, the report indirectly supported the efforts by Venice and Sarasota that are currently underway to create a master redevelopment plan for the US 41 Bypass Corridor from Bird Bay Plaza south to the Center Road area.”

 - Government staff

The findings and recommendations that concluded the study are being followed and adopted today. Without the work of SCOPE – city staff, advisory boards and elected officials would have to spend more time, energy and money to accomplish what SCOPE has been able to do with the contributions it receives.
 - Study Participant

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Photos courtesy of Kazuaki Nagata & PolaBran Summers